For all the difficulties faced by the retail sector in recent years, there is one subsector that continues to shine — the neighborhood shopping center with a grocery store as the anchor. This classic retail operation has survived and even thrived through the online shopping onslaught and the predicted demise of the mall.

A top supporter of this form of retail is Gary D. Rappaport, whose company, Rappaport, has been developing and operating shopping centers for nearly 40 years. Rappaport and his team have invested more than $1 billion in retail properties throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. He is also the author of “Investing in Retail Properties: A Guide to Structuring Partnerships for Sharing Capital Appreciation and Cash Flow,” with the third edition published by Forbes Books last month.

Rappaport spoke with Scotsman Guide earlier this year about the unique strength of the neighborhood shopping center. He also offered advice to investors who are interested in the sector.

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