Discover the charm of Village at Leesburg, a regional outdoor lifestyle center with a plethora of specialty stores, boutiques, restaurants, and entertainment hubs. Wander through tree-lined boulevards, tour the open-air shopping sites, and explore a treasure trove of businesses that are family-owned and exclusive to the location.

Sprawling over 57 acres, the Village also is home to a mix of office and luxury residential spaces. Anchored by a Wegmans, it is located off Route 7 at the Crosstrail Boulevard/River Creek Parkway exit in Loudoun County and has four covered parking garages.

The brick buildings and layered landscapes create a pleasing upscale urban aesthetic. The main street rocks Adirondack-style chairs and a fire and water fountain adjacent to the dining square for relaxation.

The central plaza offers plenty of room for people to walk, and that plaza is regularly transformed for festivals, live music, and special events that fit the season.

The Village at Leesburg also lets you buy beer or a cocktail and sip and stroll at its more than 75 businesses.

Here’s a quick look at some of the businesses.

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