When investing your money, there are plenty of important factors to consider. Dr. Ravi Gupta, host of the “Doctors, Real Estate, and Money” podcast talked with our very own Gary D. Rappaport to learn more about the importance of learning about who you’re investing your money with and how to make smart choices when investing your money.

After describing his backstory, which Dr. Gupta describes as “a very compelling rags to riches type story,” Gary D. Rappaport explains what is most important in his life and in making choices when investing. Through their discussion, they clarify that “nobody goes through an entire career and only has successful deals.” It’s about the long-term, staying persistent, vetting the people you work with, and making sure that you trust your team. To have a trustworthy team is to be able to build up from a solid groundwork.

Gary D. Rappaport continues to explain his philosophy on life; live one third for family, one third for business, and one third for helping others. Through this motto and belief system, Rappaport has been able to build a successful career and mentor others along the way.

To listen to the podcast in its entirety, click play below.

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