Jenny Kincaid Boone, The Roanoker

The Roanoker Magazine in Roanoke, VA highlighted the importance of Towers Shopping Center has served in the local community.  Towers Shopping Center is one of the first properties acquired by CEO Gary D. Rappaport. He purchased this property with 14 partners in 1986.   As the author, Jenny Kincaid Boone, states: “Towers is one of many landmarks that bridges Roanoke’s past and present.” Read more here. Towers property recently underwent a substantial renovation of the interior section. Recently Rappaport broker Will Collins  has added new retailers to the Towers line up including Zoe’s Pizza Kitchen, Beauty Is Hair Studio, Pivot Physical Therapy, Great Wall and Bobby’s Hot & Cheesy. Towers Shopping Center has available space for more retailers to serve the community, find out more here.


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