When You Wish Upon a Star - Rappaport Transforms Challenged Space to Home of Michelin Star


For the second year in a row Fabio Trabocchi’s Van Ness pasta place earns a Michelin Star.  Washington DC has only had the Michelin Guide — said to be the world’s most famous road map to great restaurants — for one year.

Back in 2011, Rappaport brokers Mike Howard, Bill Dickinson and Pat O’Meara were representing the owner of a trophy office building when restaurateurs Fabio and Maria Trabocchi returned to DC. The building had a former restaurant space that lacked visibility.   Rappaport lured the couple to consider our client’s mid-block space, foreseeing their potential to establish a top-rated destination that would thrive despite the visibility challenges.  The Trabocchis signed and blessed DC with the culinary elegance and luxury of Fiola, a restaurant serving rustic Italian food in an upscale atmosphere.

Fiola’s success catapulted the couple to celebrity chef status and maintains the position of a highly acclaimed restaurant which has been recognized with a Michelin Star ranking.  Our client’s once challenged space transformed to be the hot spot in the city.  Fiola hosts those looking for the top culinary experience in DC including politicians, heads of State and global dignitaries. The popularity established through Fiola has allowed the couple to expand and open additional restaurants in the city.  Rappaport is pleased to see the wild success of Fabio and Maria Trabocchi, and we are even more pleased with Fiola’s divine Nova Scotia Lobster Ravioli!