The Rappaport team is filled with incredibly hardworking, supportive members who are constantly lifting each other up and enhancing the retail real estate experience for our tenants, landlords, and communities every single day.  Today, we get to highlight some of these teammates on their recent successes!  Congratulations to the work anniversaries we celebrated these last few months:


Geoffrey S – Legal Lease Coordinator (1 Year)

Sindy J – Senior Staff Accountant (2 Years)

Thomas B – Leasing Representative (2 Years)

Courtney T – Marketing Manager (3 Years)

Gely H – Controller (5 Years)

Hayley A – Property Manager (5 Years)

Michelle G – Senior Property Manager (5 Years)

Robert L – Senior Construction Project Manager (5 Years)

Staci H – Senior Director of Marketing (5 Years)

Steve C – Senior Vice President (5 Years)

Susan W – Senior Property Manager (5 Years)

Kathy N – Property Management AA (9 Years)

Frank W – Maintenance Supervisor (9 Years)

Amy E – Development Coordinator (10 Years)

Jim F – Executive Director of Leasing & Brokerage (10 Years)

Marlon Pilgrim – Financial Asset Manager (10 Years)

Selamawit T – IT Systems Analyst (10 Years)

Susan B – Senior Director of Leasing & Brokerage (10 Years)

Frank P – Chief Financial Officer (12 Years)

Will C – Senior Director of Leasing & Brokerage (14 Years)

Joe S – Controller (14 Years)

Patrick C – Senior Property Manager (15 Years)

Steve P – Chief Operating Officer (17 Years)

Sarith E – VP of Property Management (24 Years)

For more information on the Rappaport team and career opportunities, click here.

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