Gelati Celesti is a family-owned ice cream company based in Richmond, VA with additional stores currently in Hampton Roads, and is eagerly looking to expand to the Northern Virginia market. There are currently 10 retail locations and a food truck.This business’s handmade ice cream is known for its rich mouthful created by a proprietary process minimizing the air whipped into their product, making it uniquely flavorful, thick and creamy and flat-out special. Each shop features 36 total flavors, 24 being “House Favorites” and the other 12 are a rotating collection of diverse flavors that change weekly, monthly, and seasonally! These flavors are created with exceptional care and use ingredients sourced throughout the world. Gelati Celesti’s customers tell them that just a single spoonful of their ice cream is a little taste of heaven – rich, decadent, creamy deliciousness. A moment of pure joy.


Desired Locations:

  • Northern Virginia


  • 1,200 – 1,800 SF

Site Criteria:

  • Grocery anchored, mixed-use centers
  • Endcap preferred with the possibility of a pick-up window
  • 120,000 5 mile population radius required

Associated Agents

Kyle Gamber

Senior Director of Brokerage