Founded in 1988, Cold Stone Creamery began as an American artisanal ice cream retailer allowing patrons to blend an ice cream flavor with mix-ins of their choosing for a unique and personalized dessert experience.  Today, the award-winning Scottsdale-based brand has over 1,000 locations on five continents and aims to open hundreds more in the future.  Cold Stone Creamery is currently seeking sites with 900-1,200 SF, ideally within established shopping centers or mall food courts in Washington, D.C. market.

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At any given time, Cold Stone Creamery offers approximately 30 seasonal and traditional frozen treat flavors with dozens of mix-ins.  As the company expanded and partnered with other major dessert retailers including Jell-O and Ghirardelli, additional dessert options were introduced such as sorbet, cakes, and pies.