Tower Square Just Signed Aldi


Tower Square  will be home to the second new concept Aldi store in Northern Virginia, with the first being in Alexandria. As the Washington Business Journal reported, Aldi is doubling down on expansion as Lidl comes into the states. Aldi at Tower Square will likely open sometime in Q1 2019.

Aldi will be offering their new prototype with a robust organic section, beer and wine offerings and their newly developed bakery feature.

Creating physical space for Aldi in the center took some visionary thinking and creative maneuvering including the upgrade and expansion of a local Russian restaurant operator to the end cap space.  Relocating the restaurant allowed for the combination of several in-line spaces to create approximately 19,000 SF for Aldi.

Falls Church aficionados Jim Farrell and Alex Shiel of Rappaport represented the landlord on the transaction.  The duo recently secured Harris Teeter in Falls Church’s for the 301 West Broad development.