Three Reasons We Love the H Street Corridor


Situated in Northeast Washington, D.C. and running from North Capitol Street just north of Union Station to 15th Street NE, the H Street Corridor is a historic and diverse community within the district that, in recent years, has experienced a renaissance of sorts with new residents and visitors flocking to the area for the lively nightlife, trendy restaurants, centralized location, and distinctive social and cultural scene.  In honor of the H Street Festival tomorrow, we wanted to highlight some of the reasons we love the H Street Corridor.

  1. The Theatre. The iconic Atlas Performing Arts Center is the cultural heart of revived H Street NE, emblematic of its 1930’s-era roots while maintaining the pulse of the corridor through contemporary and dynamic performances, art, music, and events.  The expansive renovation of the 59,000-square-foot Atlas acts as a symbol for the community’s return to the limelight.
  2. The Festival. Synonymous with the corridor is its annual H Street Festival happening this Saturday, drawing one of the largest D.C. festival crowds with over 150,000 visitors to experience eclectic foods, various performances, and local artwork of the Northeast D.C. community. Since its conception 12 years ago, the neighborhood’s vacancy rate plummeted and its economy soared.  In part, this growth is credited to the lasting impact and success of the event, with the festival’s website affirming it “utilized arts as an engine for the growth for the historic neighborhood.”  This year’s H Street Festival occurs on October 13th.
  3. The Energy. H Street was previously considered one of “America’s Hippest Hipster Neighborhoods” by Forbes, offering quirky and captivating neighborhood amenities such as the D.C. Streetcar that highlight the community’s uniqueness and flair. In recent years, the vibrant and artsy spirit of the corridor is being restored by a band of believers, from homegrown retailers such as [solidcore] to avant-garde mixed-use developments such as AVEC making this offbeat Northeast neighborhood a place that must be experienced.