Recognizing Steve Pugh, CPA, CITP, Rappaport's Chief Operating Officer


In honor of his birthday this May, we are recognizing Rappaport’s Chief Operating Officer, Stephen Pugh, CPA, CITP.  Steve started with Rappaport as a Controller from 1993 to 1998, rejoining the team in 2006 and remains a beloved and revered pillar keeping the Rappaport ship sailing.

“Aside from being an incredible boss, he is an even more amazing leader.  He has a million things on his plate, yet always has time to listen, brainstorm and mentor when you need some guidance,” says Melin Ross, Rappaport’s Manager of Investor Relations who works regularly with Steve.  Overseeing operations such as capital strategies, investor relations, loan procurement, real estate receivership, REO management and more for Rappaport, Steve wears many hats for this company to ensure operations run smoothly and positively for his team.  He regularly interacts with stakeholders, partners, new clients, employees and vendors, strategizing ways to create an efficient and effectual system for all projects and goals to get completed.

A recurrent commendation Steve receives is his ability to go from spearheading high-level initiatives and meetings to completing administrative tasks if the need arises for his staff.  A CPA by trade, Steve utilizes his left- and right-brained thinking by shifting gears from coordination and emotional intelligence as a manager to crunching numbers with financial services, development, and leasing.  “Steve is our charismatic teambuilder, leader, Chief Operating Officer… He is an exceptional person and I love having him as our leader,” says Steve Carboni, Senior Vice President of Portfolio Leasing at Rappaport who has known Steve personally and professionally for years.

His energetic and entertaining demeanor shapes the workplace culture, sustaining an atmosphere of transparency and positivity that flows through the office day in and day out.  For this, we wanted to wish Steve Pugh a happy birthday, show appreciation for his constant assistance through the ebbs and flows of the workday, and highlight the many efforts and accomplishments he has had with Rappaport over the years.