Preparing for the Super Bowl: ICSC the Broker’s Super Bowl


Ready, set, hike! The Super Bowl LIV is jostling onto our television screens this weekend for one of the most watched sports events of the year. From the snacks to the commercials to the halftime show to the game itself, Super Bowl Sunday is always bound to be an exciting day. When there is such a huge event, it’s always important to prepare. Whether you’re a competing team or throwing a watch party, there is a lot to prepare for leading up to Sunday. For commercial real estate brokers, there is one event in particular each year that evokes the same sort of intensity, preparation, and excitement that the Super Bowl evokes and that is ICSC.  Whether it’s New York, Mid-Atlantic, or the big game, RECon, these are the most talked about events of the year for those that work in the commercial real estate industry.

With ICSC Mid-Atlantic just around the corner and the Super Bowl LIV this weekend, we asked our brokers how they prepare for their Super Bowl each year. What do they do to prepare for the biggest events in commercial real estate and how do they get their head in the game?

Kyle Gamber, Senior Brokerage Representative, explains, “The prep is simple; the execution is the challenge.” There are numerous steps involved in getting ready for ICSC that help brokers to gear up and be the most prepared person on the floor at the conference. He continues, “The combination of the heat and dryness in Las Vegas and the long hours makes it crucial to hydrate as much as possible for optimal performance. I also do a yoga class the day before I leave in order to clear my head and stay focused.”

Jim Farrell, Executive Director of Leasing & Brokerage, says, “This is something you really need to be thinking about no later than early March. RECon is a terrific opportunity to get in front of decision-makers, so I’ll identify my major leasing challenges first and let that drive my strategy for meetings.”

Susan Bourgeois, Senior Director of Leasing & Brokerage, says, “Anyone and everyone in our industry attends; it’s the ultimate networking event. I work the attendee list to make sure I schedule time with the people involved in my current pipeline along with new prospects. It’s also important to get some time in with old colleagues, friends, and acquaintances.” Because at the end of the day, the Super Bowl is about more than just the game being played.

Bill Dickinson, Executive Director of Brokerage, says, “Sure it’s our Super Bowl. But just like on Super Bowl Sunday, success comes from the preparation before the event. You get out of it what you put in.”

As everyone has mentioned, the key to succeeding is all about preparation and making sure you have all you need before the big event. The days are about getting your head in the game, but also about seeing people and networking. Everyone will gather, discuss, make deals, and prove their great abilities on the field—or should we say, on the conference floor.