How to Make It in Commercial Real Estate, As Told by the Experts


A host of commercial real estate experts descended upon the stage for the Bisnow “How to Make It in Commercial Real Estate” last month.  The founder of CEO of Rappaport, Gary D. Rappaport, was one of these many authorities tasked with counseling up-and-coming professionals on what they need to do to be successful in their chosen field.  With this in mind, we thought we would direct our attention to that topic and ask the trusted retail advisors of Rappaport their advice:


Melissa Webb, Executive Director of Brokerage: “I stole this from Mike Howard: thick skin and a short memory. You never know where your next deal comes from, so you just need to get over it.”

Alex Shiel, Director of Leasing and Brokerage: “Think of yourself as a baseball player. The best hit .300, meaning they fail 70% of the time. Always get back up to the plate even if you strike out.”

Steve Carboni, Senior Vice President: “Treat every relationship as a unique building block forming the foundation for a successful career.”

Michael Howard, Executive Director of Brokerage: “Pure dogged determination. You need to be willing to outwork the next guy.”

Bill Dickinson, Executive Director of Brokerage: “Recognize the length and longevity of your career.  You will do business with many of the same people throughout, so have a reputation of treating people well, being honest, and having integrity – these traits carry you forward.”


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