Forging Community in Capitol Hill Through A
New Development

A few short blocks from Barracks Row, a new development seeks to enhance the retail and dining offerings of this emerging residential neighborhood. With the shuttering of the longstanding Safeway in June, the area is missing their grocery store, but soon to come back are their groceries and more. Beckert’s Park is a new mixed-use development currently under construction which will feature 325 luxury residential units and street-level retail, including a 60,000 SF Safeway and 8,000 SF of retail opportunities, projected as a coffee shop, two restaurants, and a boutique.

The residents of the area have truly built a community in this Capitol Hill neighborhood and Beckert’s Park is focused on further developing a place where people can gather, refuel, and entertain. For a quiet, beautiful neighborhood such as Capitol Hill, Barracks Row has been the gathering place and “Beckert’s Park will be an extension of that space” explains Alex Shiel, Rappaport’s Director of Leasing and Brokerage.

Filled with young families, government workers, and families who have lived in the area for generations, Capitol Hill is a neighborhood that is continually growing and evolving to better accommodate the residents and employees of the area. Further illustrating the impact of this expanding community around Barracks Row, Councilmember Allen explained to HillRag, “that Ward 6 has some of the fastest housing growth in the District.”

Wandering the streets, it’s easy to forget that you’re in the middle of the city with historic homes and new accommodations flowing together to create peaceful streets. Alex Shiel paints the picture of what Beckert’s Park will be once the missing pieces are complete: “a place where you can get drinks with your friends on Friday night and go for date night with your significant other on Saturday night.” 

For more information on the property and retail leasing opportunities, visit our Beckert’s Park page.