Cultivate the Building Blocks at One of These Existing or Build-to-Suit Childcare Spaces


Childcare and development come in many forms and progress in all surroundings, whether within urban city centers or suburban outskirts.  However, the fundamentals share a common thread: to create a safe and comfortable environment for young children to learn and grow.  These childcare opportunities in our portfolio create just that for any fledgling or established center in the D.C. Metropolitan area.

Rappaport offers a childhood haven from the bustle at Union Place.  An upscale NoMa development with 525 apartment units towering above, this 5,951-square-foot dedicated childcare space boasts a beautiful outdoor play area, open floor plan, and satisfies an underserved city dwelling childcare market.

With over 58,000 childrearing households in a five mile radius, West Alexandria’s Mark Center childcare space garners flexibility for both parents and childcare providers alike.  Incorporating up to 25,000-square-feet, an abundance of natural lighting, and a large outdoor play area, Mark Center provides an expansive professional population in need of childcare a convenient option to pick up their child at the end of the workday without lengthening their commute.  Similarly, Canterbury Village Shopping Center yields the dense Manassas residential and daytime population and a prominent position for childcare services, catering to Prince William County Hospital employees directly across the street and Lockheed Martin’s office nearby.

For childcare providers who desire a clean slate to build young minds, two build-to-suit options in Manassas accommodate this demand.  The Landing and Sudley Manor Place house retail pad sites in mixed-used developments to create a positive educational and social atmosphere for the future generations.  Provided are plenty of green spaces and a sizable daytime population due to nearby offices and retailers.

If interested in these leasing options, please visit Rappaport’s Properties page for more details.